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Rabu, 10 Maret 2021
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ENTREPRENEUR TALK: “Show Off!!! during the pandemic”

In welcoming the 55th Anniversary of Universitas Trisakti, the Visual Communication Design Study Program held an ENTREPRENEUR TALK with the theme “Show Off!!! during the pandemic” on Friday, December 4, 2020 via Zoom.

The event was opened by Dr. Sangayu Ketut Laksemi N., M.Ds, who conveyed how the current pandemic has made many businesses lose consumers, and that now we are back to zero. This is a reminder for all of us, that there is always hope and opportunity to start and continue.

The guest speaker was Arissuno Matsuzaki, Founder of Cynical, MD Clothing Co. one of the first local brands from Jakarta, who is active in various business fields. The constraints of being an FSRD student did not dampen his enthusiasm to find opportunities to develop his creativity in the industry. @cynical,MD, started with a story of disappointment and a cynical view of medicine. Cynical,MD developed into a clothing brand that was very popular among young people in Jakarta in 2001-2006. Now, Cynical,MD is making a comeback.

Another brand @kopikopiklub started from the bankruptcy of one culinary enterprise, which then transformed through a clothing idea and turned into a coffee brand. Kopi Kopi Klub builds branding and creates stories, in addition to a coffee shop business, for coffee enthusiasts in Jakarta. In addition, Arissuno developed various other businesses, along with all their ups and downs.

Business has risks and must be undertaken wholeheartedly. Finding opportunities, knowing market tastes, and having a sense of design, are important things in starting a business, in addition to building relationships with various groups, which altogether will enrich our lives. Being a business person needs us to prioritize collaboration over competition. All businesses have their own market, and business people need to understand how we package the branding of our products. Each of us can inspire others, so keep up the good work!