Research Centers

Research Centers

Rector’s Decree (SKR) of The Establishment of Research Centers within Universitas Trisakti

Faculty of Law (FH)

  1. Center for Transportation and Telecommunications Law Studies
  2. Center for Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Studies
  3. Center for Industrial Relations and Labor Protection Studies
  4. Center for Constitutional Law and Legislation Studies
  5. Center for Criminal Law Studies (new SKR Management)
  6. Center for Agrarian Law Studies (new SKR Management)
  7. Center for Nationalism, Democracy, and Human Rights Studies

Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB)

  1. Center for Financial Economics Studies and Development
    • Head:
    • Secretary:
  2. Research, Training and Consulting
    • Head:
    • Secretary:
  3. Center for Marine Economic Studies
    • Head:
    • Secretary:
  4. Center for Regional Economic Development Studies
  5. Center for Service Management Studies
  6. Center for Financial Management Studies
  7. Center for Human Resources and Organizational Studies
  8. Center for Banking and Financial Institutions Studies
  9. Center for Accounting Studies

Faculty of Medicine (FK)

  1. Center for Occupational Medicine Studies
  2. Center for Geriatric Studies
  3. Center for Nutrition Studies

Faculty of Dentistry (FKG)

  1. Center for Oral Molecular Biology Studies
  2. Center for Natural Material Studies
  3. Center for Epidemiology of Dental and Oral Health Studies
  4. Center for Materials and Biotechnology Studies

Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI)

  1. Center for Sustainable Industry Studies

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning (FTSP)

  1. Center for Urban Village Studies
  2. Center for Water Resources Studies

Faculty of Earth Science and Energy Technology (FTKE)

  1. Center for Mineral Resources Studies
  2. Center for Oil and Gas Recovery Studies
    • Head:
    • Secretary:
  3. Center for Disaster and Regional Development Studies
    • Head:
    • Secretary:
  4. Center for Coal Studies
    • Head:
    • Secretary:

Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Engineering (FATL)

  1. Center for Green Open Space (RTH) Studies
  2. Center for Water Management and Technology Studies
  3. Center for Urban Management Studies

Faculty of Arts and Design (FSRD)

  1. Center for Visual Design Studies