Competition for Ideas on the Master Plan of Universitas Trisakti Nagrak Campus 2023

Future Campus Development of Universitas Trisakti
in Nagrak Region as a World Class, Sustainable Green Campus that Accommodates Living Learning Community 

Total Prizes


Finalist presentation schedule on Sep, 18 2023 16:00 WIB – 19:00 WIB

Overview of the Competition

In the fulfillment and implementation of its function as a university, Universitas Trisakti requires an integrated operational area. The integrated area is expected to accommodate academic and administrative activities within the scope of the University, Faculty, Technical Implementation Unit, extracurricular activities for students, and other activities that support University activities in general. The integrated area is also expected to encourage the improvement of the quality of Universitas Trisakti and support the achievement of the Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives (VMTS) of Universitas Trisakti. Related to this, Universitas Trisakti will develop an integrated campus in a new location, designated as the future campus. The location is currently a 113-hectare of relatively undeveloped land in the Nagrak and Ciangsana areas, Gunung Putri District, Bogor Regency, West Java.

Open to the public, lecturers, students, and professionals

Individuals or groups of maximum 5 (five) people including group leader and members

Total Prize worth IDR 150,000,000 (one hundred fifty million rupiah)

The participant will be disqualified, if:

  • Proven to make any contact with the members of the Jury regarding the substance that affects the assessment process in any form during the selection process;
  • Participants disclose their identity in any form that will affect the judges’ assessment process;
  • The participant’s work is proven to be the result of plagiarism or the work of others in part or as a whole;
  • Does not meet administrative requirements.

Competition Prize

Each winner will be awarded a cash prize and a certificate.

 * subject to tax and the prize will be transferred directly to the winner.

First Place

💰 IDR 75,000,000
🥇 Certificate

Second Place

💰 IDR 40,000,000
🥇 Certificate

Third Place

💰 IDR 25,000,000
🥇 Certificate


💰 IDR 10,000,000
🥇 Certificate


Save these important dates, and get a better chance of winning.

Terms of Competition

Participants who are members of a team are only allowed to submit 1 (one) work with a predetermined format containing 8 (eight) A1 portrait-sized panels with the following details:

  • The Macro Concept that provides the contextual and conceptual basis for the Nagrak Campus master plan;
  • The Micro Concept that contains details per zone of the area;
  • Plans containing the points in chapter II.B with provisions:
    • Panel 1: Analysis and Ideas for Regional Macro and Micro Concepts;
    • Panel 2: Area Master Plan and Land Use;
    • Panel 3-7: Ideas and Plans for Architecture, Infrastructure, Landscaping, Utilities, and Information Systems;
    • Panel 8: 3-Dimensional Visualization/Impression.
  • Participants notice and consider the font type and size to be legible if the A1 panel is reduced to A2 size;
  • The image layout for each panel is made freely by including a letterhead (attached) and still paying attention to the proper display of information and easy to read;
  • The only identifier on the panel of works is the participant number submitted after registration;
  • For 5 (five) participants who are selected to take part in the Second Stage of Judging (presentation evaluation), they are required to also present their work in the form of a presentation and animation video with a maximum duration of 3 (three) minutes.

Submission Requirements

A1 portrait size

The competition material is presented in a media presentation made in A1 panel format, (8 panels per work). Download the A1 panel template

PDF Format

The work is in the form of a digital format image (.pdf file) with a resolution of 300 dpi and a maximum size of 20MB per panel.

PowerPoint & Video Presentation

Participants should prepare presentations in PowerPoint format (.ppt) and animated videos for the Final Judging.

  • There is no registration fee for participants;
  • Registration is done on behalf of individual participants or the name of the group leader who is responsible for the design results in the group concerned;
  • The ToR and registration form can be downloaded from here
  • Participants register by sending an email to  and attaching scans of completed registration documents in the form of:
    1. Registration form that has been signed on a stamp duty;
    2. Photocopies/scans of ID cards of all team members;
  • Participant ID number will be sent via email by the organizer.
  • This ID number will be used as the sole identifier to be included on each entry sheet (inside the Image letterhead) and competition documents;
  • Prospective participants can send emails and ask questions to the committee via official email through the following email address:
  • Participants will receive a reply email with the participant ID number that will be used as the subject to send the next completeness;
  • Additional information will be submitted during the aanwijzing on May 20, 2023 which will be held offline at Campus A Universitas Trisakti;
  • Participants can obtain the minutes of the Explanation of Competition (aanwijzing) by downloading from the website after the Explanation of Competition (aanwijzing) is held

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